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Why Preventive Maintenance?

The goal of Preventive Maintenance is to prevent an equipment failure.  This can be accomplished by maintaining proper equipment functions, by replacing necessary parts and by lubricating regularly. 

Faulty operation, parts failures, or lack of lubrication result in equipment malfunction that causes unscheduled equipment down-time.  Many times these failures necessitate major repairs and lead to expensive emergency service work.

All this involves high costs and loss of money!!!

A simple refrigerant pipe leak undetected for a short period can cause loss of refrigerant, equipment failure or even compressor failure.

A simple loose wire connection undetected can cause sparks, fire, blowing of fuses, or even at times premature equipment failure.

Studies show that Heating and Cooling units on retail facilities run approximately 2000 hr/yr. This is equivalent of driving a car 60,000 miles per year. 

A Preventive Maintenance program is basically like changing the oil in your car per the manufacturer's recommendation.

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