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Safety is a key aspect of everything we do.

We take pride in updating our technicians with the most up-to-date safety procedures for performing their jobs. 

 We recently received certification from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for establishment and maintaining an effective workplace safety committee.


We truly value Safety awareness and participate in the Pennsylvania Safety Credit Program.  We have monthly tool meetings and have our entire staff recognize and bring to our attention any matters that need addressing.

In addition, our Fleet Boss GPS monitoring system is a high tech digital device aboard all of our vehicles that enables us to maintain control of our fleet at all times.




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Fleet Boss tells us where our vehicles are, the vehicle speed and it insists that safety belts are buckled up at all times. It ensures both the safety of our technicians and the safe use of our vehicles.  

We also provide daily safety checks of each vehicle to to prevent the possibility of operational problems.


We offer 100% service and feel confident that you will enjoy working with us.