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Whether on a Basic On-Demand scheduled service call  or an Emergency service call, when it comes to service we are thorough.


Some of the procedures performed include:

Some Partners..
  >> Check the condenser coil for its heat transfer and dust/dirt accumulation.  
  >> Check Fans and Blowers, clean if required.  
  >> Check refrigerant pressures and assure system is leak free.  
  >> Check the amperage of the compressors/motors.  

Check exposed duct for any leak and proper insulation.

  >> Adjust belts and pulleys or replace if needed.  
  >> Check thermostat setting and calibrate if required.  

Lubricate motors and bearings to avoid frictional losses.


Test controls and safety switches.

  >> Check the heating system for proper operation.  
  >> Check relays and contactors.  
  >> Inspect the evaporator coil and clean if necessary.  
  >> Inspect blower motor and current rating vs. actual.  


Service Port Refrigeration